Carl East, Republican Candidate for District C

Carl East

Carl East has called Elliston his home for the past 42 years, where he and his wife have raised their three sons.  He has given back to his community by volunteering as a recreational sports coach, teaching kids fundamentals in sports and teamwork and volunteered as a Scout Master where he provided direction, coaching, and support for boys in the Eagle Scouts.  Furthermore, East is a former marine, serving from 1982 to 1986.  After his time in the corp, he started his trade as a diesel mechanic in the coal fields of McDowell County, West Virginia.  Later, East attended Nashville Auto-Diesel College where he received an associates degree and came back to the area, working as a diesel mechanic for Highway Motors.  As a service manage and 23 years of experience, East understands Human Resource relations and knows how to make and manage budgets.



In a campaign statement, East writes,

“We need a strong voice on the Board of Supervisors to represent our district, our community, our people, and our kids.  We have to have a person willing to stand up and fight the good fight, to keep our community aware of key issues, and to stand for what is right.  We need to invest in our children by giving them opportunities that they deserve.  We want facility improvements and we want equality throughout our country.  Given my work history throughout the county, I am the right person to serve on the Board of Supervisors.

Changes do not happen overnight and cannot be fixed with ‘a simple coat of paint.’ Keeping taxes low, introducing new programs and ideas to revitalize our community are important, but we must dig to the heart of issues facing our community if we are going to build a stronger community.  When you restore a rundown building, you do not start with the roof, you start with the foundation.  Our foundation should start with the young men and women of our community.  If you want growth and change, invest in our youth.

It has been said that our district needs progress.  Eastern Montgomery High School is finally getting the addition to the athletic facility that they have needed for many years.  It took time, persistence, many trips to the School Board and to the Board of Supervisors meetings.  We accomplished our goal.  If elected to the Board of Supervisors, I will continue to work hard for our district to enhance our community, our first responder’s facilities, and our schools.  I will fight the good fight for our community, and most importantly fight for our kids.  Our children are our future.

I do not have endorsements like my opponents.  I am what you see. No frills just straight up BLUE COLLAR.  I stand on the work I have done in our community, and the passion I have to make it stronger.  The only endorsement I care about is from you, the people of District C, the people I want to represent.

I promise as your representative I will stand strong for our children and I will not back down.

I am asking for your help on May 20, 2017 by voting for me for the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors, District C.

Thank you for your support”