Virginia’s 2017 GOP Statewide Ticket

Virginia Primary Recap

As the polls closed at 7:00 pm [June 13th, 2017], voters expected a much tighter race on the Democratic side between Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam and ex-Rep. Tom Perriello.  However, the pollsters failed to accurately predict the election in Virginia again, since Republican’s who lean toward Trump’s policies stunned the state for a second consecutive year.  Corey Stewart, the former Chairman of Trump’s campaign in Virginia, shocked many on the Republican side with approximately 155,780 votes (42.5 % of the total vote).  Yet this was not enough, as the former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie won the Republican nomination with approximately 160,100 votes (43.7% of the total vote).  This tells Virginian’s that the election in November is a major battleground state for both parties due to the pollsters failure to gauge  the strength of the “silent majority” in Virginia.


The Republican Ticket For November

Now that the dust has settled and the candidates have been chosen, it is important to know some basic information about the candidates.

Ed Gillespie- GOP candidate for Governor

Ed Gillespie is a business owner, the former Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, and the former chairman of the Republican National Committee.  Ed has proven he is strong conservative leader by being a lead author in the 1994 Contract with America and serving as a counselor to President George W. Bush.

As Governor, Ed has pledged to be a Governor “For All Virginians.”  In his agenda, some of his top priorities include cutting taxes, removing barriers to job creation, strengthening Virginia’s education system and reducing healthcare costs.   To learn more about Ed Gillespie, visit his website at



Jill Vogel- GOP candidate for Lt. Governor

Jill Vogel is a nationally recognized ethics attorney and is also a business owner that employs over 600 people in Virginia.  Most importantly, Jill is a working mom who  understands the everyday struggles many Virginians are dealing with and wants to help make a positive impact for Virginia.

As Lt. Governor, Jill has vowed to put “principle before party” which is because “they are not partisan issues, they are good government issues.”  These issues include growing the economy, creating educational opportunities, protecting women and children, and defending the constitution.  To learn more about Jill Vogel, visit her website at


John Adams – GOP Candidate for Attorney General

John Adams is a former United States Naval Officer as well as a former clerk on the U.S. Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court..  With a law degree from the University of Virginia, John is now in private practice and leads a team of more than 50 lawyers.

As Attorney General, John plans to fight for Virginians by preventing federal government overreach, protect religious liberties and to ensure equal opportunity for every student in Virginia to receive a good education .  John has spent a lifetime of serving Virginia and the United States and is ready to serve as the Attorney General for Virginia.  To learn more about John Adams, visit his  website at








All information was obtained from the candidates respective websites

Willis Named Volunteer of the Year by RPV

RPV V of Year
Rep. Morgan Griffith congratulates James Willis for being named 2015 RPV Volunteer of the Year

Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Whitbeck presented Montgomery County’s James Willis with the Volunteer of the Year. The award  was presented at the 2015 Republican Advance held at The Homestead in Hot Springs, Va. this past weekend.

Willis was nominated for the award by Del. Nick Rush and former Del. Dave Nutter for his efforts to help elect Republican candidates during the 2015 campaign season.